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  1. Awesome stuff guys. As a huge Beck fan, this was really entertaining to listen to. Not a lot of Beck discussions online (Beck is criminally underrated imo).

    You guys should definitely give the other albums a better listen. He has so many great songs and I could see any song on any album being a favorite to somebody. That’s one of Beck strangest parts, how every song matters and is made with care and skill. Non feel like filler or low effort songs.

    I agree however with Colors not being that great. It has some great songs on it like ”Dear Life”, ”Colors”, ”Dreams”, ”Square One” and ”I’m so free” though. I also think his altitude has changed after his major back injury he got in 05/06 with the making of the video for ”E-pro” (also a Beck classic btw). He had a long period of time after that where he could barely move and even could barely sing and hold a guitar. Gladly, he came back in 2014 with Morning Phase and has regained has recovered greatly. So I think it kind of made him a little less daring and out there with his music and why Colors feels so painfully safe.

    Still hoping for better stuff from him in the future, but whatever he does now won’t take away his brilliance from the past and the incredibly live shows he has done. I don’t think I know an artist where I just love pretty much everything that artist has done., from records to b-sides, to unreleased.
    So yeah, safe to say he is my fav artist by far.

    Great job guys and loved the show!

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