Wax On

Wax On Ep4 – “Curious Minds” with Brian Schmutz

Ken is joined by his longtime friend and collaborator, Brian Schmutz (The Starting Line, Legendary Divorce, Inkling, Volcano Vinyl.)  They both selected five tracks from their vinyl collections to play for each other, as well as compare notes.. most of which are fuzzy.  This is a long one that hears from the likes of folk icons, German DJs and soul legends.  Brian’s Podcast: illdale.com/volcano-vinyl

Neil Young – “Alabama”

Simon & Garfunkel – “Cloudy”

Phil Collins – “I Cannot Believe It’s True”

Rufus & Chaka – “Do You Love What You Feel?”

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – “Beautiful Boy”

Isaac Hayes – “Walk On By”

The English Beat – “I Confess”

Panda Bear – “Principe Real”

DJ Koze – “Track ID Anyone?”

Kool & The Gang – “Universal Sound”


Wax On

Wax On Ep3 – “Lovely Ladies”

Ken is joined once again by Lina. They sort through the home record collection to single out some of the loveliest ladies to ever grace a microphone. English, British, American, Brazilian and Icelandic…all so lovely. Dig it!


Roberta Flack – “Trying Times”

Stereolab – “A Flower Called Nowhere”

Broadcast – “Come On Let’s Go”

The Free Design – “Where Do I Go?”

Julianna Barwick – “Anjos”

Múm – “The Ballad Of Broken Birdie Records”

Björk – “Unison”

Gal Costa – “Vou Recomeçar”

Beach House – “Rough Song”

Mr. Twin Sister – “Sensitive”

Wax On

Wax On Ep2 – “The Big Chill”

Ken and Lina sit by the turntable to enjoy and discuss some of the chillest songs found within their record collection. This episode’s 10 track playlist features instrumental deep cuts from post-rock, neo-psychedelia, electronic, Brazilian and soundtrack LPs. Relax to the max.

Holy Other – “Past Tension”

Tortoise – “Lithium Stiffs”/“Crest”

Broadcast – “Chord Simple”

Koushik – “Forest Loop”

Monster Rally “Enchanted Wine”

Teebs – “While You Dooooo (Extended)”

Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Stone Flower”

Jean-Michel Jarre – “Oxygene, Pt. 4”

John Williams (E.T. Original Soundtrack) – “Over The Moon”

Wax On

Wax On Ep1 – “Welcome”

Ken Vasoli makes his introductions and crafts an eclectic ten-song playlist from his vinyl collection. He features deep cuts from the likes of hip-hop producers, exotica composers and soul/R&B icons. Take the trip.

Kankick – “Rock Shockin’ It”/“Daddy Long Loops”

K-Def – “Can You Let Me Know?”

Joe McDuphrey Experience – “Solar Waves”

The Ventures – “Reflections”

Percy Faith & His Orchestra – “The Sound Of Surf”

Esquivel – “Take The A Train”

Lonnie Liston Smith – “Golden Dreams”

Barry White – “I Love You More Than Anything”

Curtis Mayfield – “You Don’t Love Me”