Wax On

Wax On Ep31 – “Research”

Miss Lina + Ken Vasoli unite and put the needle to the grooves.


  1. Hello! I absolutely love your podcast. I’ve been a long time fan of ken’s music and bass playing. I’m on the road full time and I usually have 1-2 a day to lay in my bunk, hit the pen and listen to your podcasts. Also at night when we’re driving your podcast is great. Listening to the two of you at night reminds me of my home and my wife and my dog before bed. Thanks so much and I encourage you guys to keep up the good work and continue to put these out. They are just so vibey for people who your similar lifestyle.

    Also, I was able to get one of your mindset Pre rolls and it was amazing. Can’t seem to find a cartridge version of mindset but thats always first on my request list. You are also the reason I like blue dream.

    Lastly, your. Bass. Playing. Is. Tight.

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